Ditaş gives tanker brokering services in the domestic and international market. Our organization is based on “in-house brokerage” system. We have experienced brokers working in our Commercial Affairs department who are qualified, competent and who have good command of their profession.

The priority of our company is to secure the sea-borne transportation demand of Tüpraş (Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corp.), therefore brokerage services are primarily given to Tüpraş. We act as brokers for other companies as well.

Crude Oil

Currently, Tüpraş is the only refinery company in Turkey and the sea-borne transportation for all the crude oil purchased by Tüpraş on FOB basis is organized by Ditaş.

Oil Products

Tüpraş supplies a variety of oil products (36 kind) to the domestic market in Turkey. Besides, after satisfying the domestic demand, Tüpraş exports the excess amount of production to the international market. Both domestically and internationally, the sea-borne transportation for all the oil products sold by Tüpraş on CFR basis is organized by Ditaş. The transportation of products between Tüpraş refineries are also made by Ditaş.

Tüpraş crude oil and oil products are transported by vessels under the management of Ditaş. Additional vessels are chartered on T/C (time charter) or V/C (voyage charter) basis when Ditaş managed vessels are insufficient for the transportation demand. After a thorough search of the market, offers are collected from domestic/international owners and the most suitable vessel is chartered subject to the approval of Tüpraş.

Post fixture management for the chartered vessels is carried out within our brokerage system.

If any free time occurs in the programs of the vessels under T/C or management of Ditaş, the chartering out of these vessels in the international market (especially Black Sea and Mediterranean) is carried out by the same brokers.

Sale and purchase operations are also followed by the brokers in the Commercial Affairs department of our company.