As DİTAŞ Deniz İşletmeciliği ve Tankerciliği A.Ş, we have been paying attention to environmentally friendly operations in parallel with our policy, carrying out planned periodical emergency drills in order to be prepared to emergency cases firstly for marine pollution prevention and to improve personnel environmental awareness with the target of zero pollution in the ships under our management and head office. Taking necessary precautions in order to keep wastes at minimum level, making controls, preventing leakages have been cared. Wastes have been stored at categories in the scope of MARPOL Annex-1 and Annex-5 and delivered to licensed waste receiving facilities.

Keeping records of monthly usage of natural resources, they have been monitored for keeping the usages at optimum level. Taking into consideration life cycle during purchasing and investment of materials, purchasing of long lasting and environment friendly materials have been cared. It is targeted to comply with related legislation and other requirements and not to occur damage to environment for the processes of ships from the new building stage to the end of life treatment and going to recycling.

Evaluating environmental impacts of our activities and carrying out risk assessments related to environment, significant environmental aspects have been kept under control.

National ve international environment legislation are followed continuously and compliance studies have been carried out.