DİTAŞ Deniz İşletmeciliği ve Tankerciliği A.Ş. and subsidiaries within the scope of environmental management commit;
  • To comply with the requirements of ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems and MARPOL,
  • To establish safeguards against all identified risks, and continuously improve the Environment Management skills of personnel ashore and aboard, including preparing for emergencies related to environmental protection,
  • To prevent damage to the environment,
  • To provide environmentally friendly practices in ship operation, pollution free working environment and zero spill,
  • To explain duties and responsibilities of all company and ship personnel associated with environmental protection according to current procedures and to ensure the implementation of them,
  • To comply with national and international regulations and other obligations related to the environment in the geographies in which it operates,
  • To set targets for the improvement of environmental performance, to plan actions, to follow the results and to focus on continuous improvement,
  • To evaluate the environmental impact of new investments, to protect the environment, to provide emergency and environmental risk management,
  • To carry out studies that will contribute to the fight against the climate crisis and the transition to a low carbon economy, by considering the climate-related risks and opportunities of its activities,
  • To keep the environmental impacts of its services under control throughout its life cycle,
  • To reduce the environmental impacts resulting from energy consumption, water consumption and resource consumption, by using the best available techniques, and to use natural resources efficiently,
  • To aim to increase the use of renewable energy sources and studies related to energy efficiency performance,
  • To prevent waste generation, to reduce amount of waste, to recovery, to carry out waste management in accordance with national and international legislation,
  • To protect all natural ecosystems, to focus on continuous improvement and development, in the areas where it operates,
  • To carry out activities for the implementation of this Policy by its employees, suppliers, subcontractors and other operational partners; encourage business partners to reduce their environmental impact, improve their environmental performance and develop their capacity,
  • To have communication and cooperation studies with relevant institutions and organizations in the development of regulations, other requirements, policies and standards related to environmental management,
  • To monitor closely all innovations and developments, scientific research and technologies related to environmental management around the world,
  • To aim to be a leader in the field of environment in the sectors in which it operates, sharing good practices, developing cooperation.
This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all persons working for and on behalf of the organization and it is available to the public.

All company personnel and contractor personnel are expected to know and comply with this policy.
General Manager