In accordance with the determined policies within the framework of Integrated Terminal Management System, as DİTAŞ Deniz İşletmeciliği ve Tankerciliği A.Ş. at TUPRAS Terminals, the following are committed;
  • To comply with the requirements of International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organizations (ISPO), ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard and ILO,
  • The Company has defined its environmental target as "Environmental Excellence" and has been working with all the services it has provided and the activities it has done with the principle of " NO DAMAGE TO THE ENVIRONMENT "
  • To provide safe working practices and safe working environment in terminals,
  • Continuously improve safety and quality skills of employees, including taking precautions against all identified risks and being prepared to intervene in emergency situations related to safety and environmental protection,
  • To prevent injury or loss of life and avoid of the damage to the environment,
  • To provide and maintain the desired quality and safety standards to obtain the company's goals,
  • To measure the impact of company activities on the environment by being sensitive to the environment,
  • To provide environmentally friendly practices and pollution free working environment in terminal operations,
  • The fulfillment of national and international laws and regulations and other legal and regulatory requirements that the company is liable to comply with,
  • To follow the technological developments and the practical implementations of international associations,
  • To fulfill the requirements of other organizations related to environmental protection, as well as to comply with environmental laws and regulations,
  • In order to achieve the goal of "zero pollution", the company requires all its employees to adopt the company's environmental sensitivity and to demonstrate the highest level of effort required to protect the environment,
  • Keeping Pilots, tug boat, pilot boat and mooring boat crew informed of matters that may affect themselves, the terminal, the environment and issues that will improve quality and performance,
  • To explain duties and responsibilities of all shore management and terminal personnel associated with environmental protection and to ensure the implementation of them according to existing procedures,
  • To carry out risk assessments and take necessary prevention and precautions,
  • Continuous improvement of the Integrated Terminal Management System and prevent environmental pollution by periodically adjusting targets, performance monitoring, incidents analysis, root cause detection studies and reordering of the procedures depending on them,
  • To review Integrated Terminal Management System in a planned manner in order to ensure the consistency of its suitability and efficiency,
  • To provide all necessary resources for continuous improvement of the management system,
  • To ensure quality of each operation and service in order to keep customer satisfaction at utmost level.
This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and announced to all persons working for and on behalf of the Company in shore management and terminals and it is available to the public.

All employees are expected to know and conform to this policy.
General Manager