DİTAŞ Marine Operations and Tanker Management Co. was established on 16.03.1974 in Istanbul by TPAO, IPRAS and Turkish Naval Foundation with the aim to purchase, charter marine tankers of various tonnages and features or have such tankers built and to use them in national and/or international marine transport of crude oil and oil products.

Among the founding partners, Turkish Naval Foundation changed to TSKGV-Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, and IPRAS turned into TÜPRAŞ- Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation.

Changes occurred in the legal structure of the company in line with the arrangements made within time, and the control of the company was taken by Privatization Administration on 25.11.1993. After TÜPRAŞ purchased 50,98% shares of the Company held by the Privatization Administration on 22.10.2002, the company became a subsidiary of TÜPRAŞ.

Consequently, when Enerji Yatirimlari A.S. purchased 51% shares of TÜPRAŞ on 26.01.2006, the company was integrated to the Companies of KOÇ Group.