DİTAŞ-Deniz İsletmeciligi ve Tankerciligi A.S is the executive third party vetting contractor for the TÜPRAŞ-Turkish Petroleum Rafineries Corporation’ Tutunciftlik and Aliaga Marine Terminals.

DİTAŞ Ship Vetting Services is dedicated to provide Marine Risks Assessment of tankers where calling TÜPRAŞ Terminals. And all vessels are subject to the vetting inspection during their operation since April 2010, without any limitation on the type, flag, age and tonnage, in order to ensure safety of the cargo operations, protection of the human health, environment and property.

It should be noted that TÜPRAŞ Vetting is not a participant of the SIRE Sytem and vetting reports are strictly confidential and not presenting nor made available to any person or organisation other than Master and Operator/Manager of the vessels and TÜPRAŞ own.

Detailed information of the TÜPRAŞ Vetting process can be obtained from latest edition of the INTERTANKO Publication “A Guide To The Vetting Process”.